Nomad Overland Rally 2024

Welcoming onX Offroad as our Navigation Partner

The Nomad Overland Virtual Adventure Rally is very pleased to be partnering with onX Offroad as the preferred mapping app for the third year in a row. After testing multiple navigation tools, we’ve found onX Offroad to be the ideal platform for an event where competitors must create their own multi-stage rally course route and then drive it while completing a series of optional outdoor activities along the way.

With participants from all over the United States planning overland travel across the country, we appreciate the scope and versatility of onX Offroad as a route planning and navigational tool that helps users access 852 million acres of public land, 60,000+ campgrounds and cabins, 550,000+ miles of open trails (including those in offroad parks) and 450,000+ points of interest. We also love how well it allows research and pre-planning on a robust desktop version in addition to realtime navigation via the mobile app.

We are looking forward to seeing our participants engaging with onX Offroad as they progress through their rally course this summer and we are glad to be working with onX Maps — a company that appreciates wild places and invests in land access initiatives to expand and protect open spaces.

onX Offroad is supporting the Nomad Overland Virtual Adventure Rally by providing FREE use of the Elite version of the app to all competitors for the duration of the event and they are also generously providing Free Elite Memberships for the Rally winners this year (all competitors will receive a 20% discount on the app post-event).

For more info about onX Offroad see their website or for information about what onX Maps is doing to support land access, see their news pages.

To learn more about the Nomad Overland Virtual Adventure Rally go to the main website. If you are interested in competing go the the Registration page. For other questions or media inquiries, please Contact Us.

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