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2024 Leaderboard: Week 2

1st: 1,611 points

2nd: 1,555 points

3rd: 1,366 points

(Checkout the full Leaderboard for all the Teams’ Week 2 scores)

Week 2 saw our Nomad Teams getting busy with their adventures. Multiple teams were in the middle of Overland Stages and building up points with  activities and photo quests. At the top of the leaderboard the first and second place teams swapped positions with just 56 points separating them. Team 130 McClellan pushed into first place with over 1,611 points while Team 117 Lucas dropped into second place with 1,555 points. Team 114 Dolbow continues to hold onto third place with 1,366 points. But the competition is beginning to heat up with five teams already over 1,000 points. Many of the teams are being strategic, going after as many of the Photo Quests as they can find early on in the event. As more teams set out on their Overland Stages we can expect some shuffling around the leaderboard over the coming weeks. The Week 2’s Challenge focused on interpreting Topographical Maps, and it was not an easy one. So far only two of the Teams — Team 134 Fribley and Team 102 Havlik — aced it. The teams still have one more week to attempt it. Meanwhile Challenge #3 was released this morning and it is all about Tires.

Highlights from Week 2

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Here are some Week 2 highlights from around the 2024 Nomad Overland Rally. So many Teams were out on Overland Stages during our first two weeks that we already have five teams with more than 1,000 points. And there were a few more trail cleanups this week, too. Team 130 McClellan continued their journey in the west, turning northwards as they set off towards the North West Overland Rally which they will be attending as one of their Sponsored Events. Meanwhile Team 117 Lucas was traveling between Arizona and Colorado grabbing a few more activity points en route. Team 114 Dolbow is solidly building up points with some interesting adventures around Texas — including a trip to the Waco Mammoth National Monument where there is an ongoing archaeological dig of fossilized Mammoth remains that has sections open to public viewing. Team 134 Fribley has jumped into the top ten after a busy week exploring along the Oregon coast. Team 119 Archer got off to a good start with a Stage One to Bent’s Fort and a trail cleanup in the Clear Creek Ranger District. Archer and a group of about 30 people from the Colorado 4×4 Girls removed a lot of nasty trash from around the forest, leaving it way better than they found it. The competition is heating up. Check out the Leaderboard to see how everyone ranked at the end of Week 2.


The Rally started on June 3rd, and a number of teams were already beginning their first Overland Stages, while others were still in the planning stages. Here is a curated collection of recent images from our social space to give you a peek into the teams and their progress.

ontrailtraining - E2: recovery Training Class nomadoverlandrally  #nomad24 epic4x4quest
Learning new recovery techniques with ontrailtraining  #nomad24 nomadoverlandrally  #E2: Training Event
What did you do Friday night? Oh, just worked late, then went to the solstice cemetery tour by springfieldmuseum_oregon, and then took a little spontaneous overnight drive to Washington for the nwoverlandrally 
#FOMO #best4x4xfar #landrover #series1landrover rebellerally nomadoverlandrally #nomad24 underpoweredhour overland_her
Be careful with run off rivers! They are beautiful, but this one's too fast to get in! Follow your local rules and always play safe in the water! 

#nomad24 nomadoverlandrally
Post river clean up dipping our toes in the freezing Clear Creek

#nomad24 nomadoverlandrally
Big pile of garbage picked up with protectourrivers_org in gorgeous Golden, CO on the Clear Creek! 

#nomad24 #doyourpart #treadlightly nomadoverlandrally treadlightlyteam
Rivers are prettier when they are cleaned up 

#nomad24 #doyourpart #treadlightly nomadoverlandrally treadlightlyteam protectourrivers_org
Alpine meadows at #EldoradoNationalForest approx 7000ft
📸 podroze_agi

#nomadlife #nomadoverlandrally #nomad24 #nomadoverland #overland #overlanding nomadoverlandrally
Stayed several nights at Sierra Nevada mountains. Last night i decided to film sunset. Amazing atmosphere of peace.

📸 with podroze_agi

#treadlightly #nomad24 #nomadlife #nomadoverlandrally #nomadlifestyle #overlanding #overland #jeep #nomad #rocklander #rocklanding #falkentires #onxoffroad
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The 2024 edition of the Nomad Overland Virtual Adventure Rally runs from June 3rd and continues for ten weeks, ending on August 11th. You can follow the rally progress on this page, on Instagram at @nomadoverlandrally and on Facebook at @nomadoverlandvirtualadventurerally. (If you are interested in competing you can register here or get more information about the rally here).