Nomad Overland Rally 2024

Welcoming TreadLightly! as our Outdoor Ethics Partner

The Nomad Overland Virtual Adventure Rally is very pleased to welcome Tread Lightly! as our Outdoor Ethics partner for the third year in a row and we are excited to be incorporating the TREAD Principles directly into the event format in a several innovative ways.

We recognize the importance of the work Tread Lightly! does to protect access to public lands and promote good stewardship of our outdoor spaces, and we encourage everyone participating in the Rally to always practice responsible recreation both during the event and beyond.

The Nomad Overland Virtual Adventure Rally itself has been designed in accordance with the TREAD Principles, and the virtual competition format minimizes impact on public lands by spreading the competition out over time and locations, so no single area experiences heavy usage. Competitors are rewarded for following TREAD principles in different ways as they design their routes and then drive them over the course of the rally. They also have specific opportunities to earn points by completing Tread Lightly!-flagged activities and challenges related to land stewardship and responsible motorized recreation. Rally winners will receive Tread Lightly! memberships (or renewals) as part of their prize packages.

We appreciate the support from Tread Lightly! and can’t wait to see how our participants put the TREAD Principles into practice during this year’s event.

Tread Lightly! is at the forefront of the national initiative to protect recreational access to public lands by promoting good stewardship and the safe and responsible use of motorized vehicles in the outdoors. Tread Lightly! offers a myriad of programs, trainings, and educational material to help educate outdoor enthusiasts across the nation on the importance of treading lightly and supports trail cleanups and other trail maintenance projects that serve the entire offroad community.

To learn more about Tread Lightly, see their website or to find out exactly how much their impact matters, see the 2023 Impact Report. If you are not yet a member, you can Join here. Consider helping support their initiatives by donating here.

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