Nomad Overland Rally 2023

Michael & Christine RENZELMAN | Ford Bronco | MD

Michael, Christine, and Ashlynn are starting their adventures together.

Michael a Colorado native and ex-combat Navy vet has experienced traveling many different areas around the world, from mountains to the ocean. When not on the trail, currently working as a defense contractor in the Northern Virginia area.

Christine has mad navigation skills and maintains her cool under duress in all situations. A former Peace Corps volunteer and currently an elementary school teacher. Watch her run to the hills as summer starts.

Ashlynn is the ever-curious team mascot and provides early detection of intruders to the campsite.

Michael will be driving Tiberius, a 2022 Ford Bronco, Wildtrack with Christine at his side providing paying attention to the maps.

Looking forward to the summer fun with campfire star filled nights after long days on the trail. To boldly go…