Nomad Overland Rally 2023

2023 Leaderboard: Week 10

1st: 5,371 points

2nd: 5,233 points

3rd: 5,187 points

Week 10 saw a flurry of activity as several Teams battled for the top positions and the final results show just how close this competition was. Four Teams exceeded the 5,000 point – level, with 14 Teams logging over 2,000 points. So many of the Teams in this year’s event pushed themselves outside their comfort zones, learned and expanded their skills and had some amazing adventures, which is in and of itself a big win. After tallying proofs submitted through the end of Week 10 and reviewing the results with the Teams to be sure there were no inconsistencies, the three teams at the top of the Leaderboard are: Team 101 Mercer in First Place with 5,371 points, Team 136 Smigiel in Second Place with 5,233 points, and Team 123 Roderick in Third Place with 5,187 points. Team 116 Tembreull came in right behind with 5,182 points.   The 2023 edition of the Nomad  Overland Rally is complete and registration for the 2024 edition will open in September.

2023 Nomad Overland Rally Standings: Week 10


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