Nomad Overland Rally 2023

Nomad Overland Rally Highlights: Week Five

July 10, 2023 – USA: Week 5 marked the halfway point in the 2023 edition of the Nomad Overland Rally and Teams were jockeying for positions as the competition really started to heat up.

Team 116 Tembruell of Michigan managed to hold on to the top position on the Leaderboard, but several teams are close behind and closing in. Amber and Dave continued working on their Activities and PhotoQuest search around Michigan this week, enjoying some exploration close to home and adding points to their score to maintain their lead.

After a busy week of Stages, a Bonus Mission and a bunch of Activities, Team 101 Mercer made a big jump into second place — with only a little over 100 points separating them from the first place Team. Tonya and Chris racked up 1,368 points in a single week, getting  a nice boost from their Bonus Mission around Rangely, Colorado. The Mercers earned the maximum possible number of points for the Bonus Mission as they enjoyed hunting for rock art around the BLM’s Canyon Pintado National Historic District, and playing on the trails at the Rangely Rock Crawling Park (the only designated natural rock crawling park in the state of Colorado). As they made their way back towards home, they decided to add in a couple of Overland Stages to explore some trails they hadn’t been on before and capture some points for some of the Driving Activities. They were rewarded with a few wild horse sightings along the way.

Team 123 Roderick finished the week in third place but is already back out for another round of Overland Stages in Arizona. During Week 5 Raelynn focused on checking off a lot of the Activity Tasks and PhotoQuest items, as she strategically prepared her final few Overland Stages to maximize potential PhotoQuest finds.

Team 134 Peters got a nice bump from completing a Bonus Mission centered around Lake Red Rock and the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge area in Iowa this week. Luke Peters has been slowly building up points exploring first in Colorado, and now closer to home in Iowa, methodically completing Activities and checking off PhotoQuest items along the way.

Team 129 Reyes took off after finishing a series of Overland Stages in Baja during Week 5. Marie Reyes drove her Disco “Bernard” along the route of the Baja 500 in Mexico as part of a Camp4Lo run that included beach and mountain time. Now back in the states, she is turning her attention to Moab for her next set of Overland Stages.

This Week also saw Nomad Teams out exploring in Florida, Georgia, California, Iowa, Michigan, Oregon, Washington, Virginia, North Carolina, Texas, Arizona and Colorado.  The early leaders in points are now trying to hold on to their positions as more Teams are making big gains following Overland Stages and Bonus Missions. Teams that had a slower start are beginning to build up momentum and narrowing the gaps. Check out the Week 5 Leaderboard to see how everyone ended the week, or go to the current current Rankings to see how they are doing now.


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