Nomad Overland Rally 2023

Greg HAVLIK | Jeep Wrangler | MN

Staying old school in our 1946 Willys CJ 2A’s modified for fun use. I have been jeeping off road in stock CJ2a’s in Northern Minnesota from High school years. Now I continue this tradition with family and friends attending many events a year from the East coast to West coast, and special trips in between to Texas. Looking forward to combining driving and action in combinations.

I am a consulting engineer, but on the side I have a garage business working on special Jeep projects. The modifications we do are engineered, drawn, fabricated, and maintained by us. The most fun is then testing the ideas in events and rallys.

Looking forward to the Nomad Overland rally as the format will create a fun summer full of activities and challenges. This will get me out of the office to do the tasks before the due date, with creative solutions. My team will consist of me… Greg Havlik -Driver. Noah – Security Gaurddog. TBD–Navigator…